The Korreld Campaign

The world has plunged into a dark age of isolation and ignorance. It has been some one hundred years since the White Ruin, the unexplained holocaust that destroyed the capital city of Nerath. With the downfall of that last empire of enlightenment, so ended the 12th Age of the world of Korreld.

The survivors of the White Ruin soldiered on in the Nentir Vale, the northern frontier of the fractured empire. But then ninety years ago the Bloodspear Hordes attacked. The orc tribes rampaged back and forth across the Vale, leaving scorched earth and broken corpses in their wake. And the ghost of fallen Nerath gave up her last death rattle.

A 13th Age has now dawned in Korreld. The only remaining pockets of civilization are scattered few and far between, tiny points of light in a vast sea of ever encroaching darkness. But destruction culls weakness from the world, and tragedy allows new strengths to emerge.

In this world of post-apocalyptic darkness, thirteen powerful champions of law and chaos have arisen in the Nentir Vale, determined to battle over the fate of the decimated world. Some of these Icons of Power seek to forcibly impose their vision of ideal order upon the world, through violence, pain, and domination. A few seek to rekindle the healing power of knowledge and light. But many more only want to rekindle the unbridled flames of destruction, for no reason other than their desire to watch the last few remnants of the world burn.

None of these thirteen Icons has the power to unilaterally impose their will upon the others, and their goals are sufficiently divided such that all of their attempts at alliances have been limited. Thus far they have avoided open warfare amongst themselves, and have instead engaged in constant smaller covert actions to thwart each other, committed by their proxies and agents.

The “heroes” of this dying world are the sworn brothers of The Shadow Company, an infamous band of cutthroat mercenaries whose storied history long predates the founding of Nerath, but whose ancient origins have been lost to the ravages of time. These brothers-in-arms are mere mortals, but collectively the Shadow Company wields true power, power that each of the Icons would gladly harness and use against their rivals.

The icons presently coexist in an uneasy state of equilibrium, whereby the Icons of law and order just barely manage to counterbalance the Icons of chaos and destruction. The actions of the Shadow Company might tip this balance one way or another. And if one of the Icons should die ….

Chronicles of the Shadow Company